Maglite Mini Bike Light Mod

For years I rode my moped (a ‘74 Puch Maxi) and nevery really used my bike.
At that time I had a fully suspended ATB, which didn’t drive that nice to be honest.
So I got rid of that one.

Anyway, now I got my dad’s old bike. A Giant Allrounder. Swell bike with 7 speed gearing.
It hasn’t been used much, but has some damage. A fender cracked, the gear adjustment was (way) off. But that is a story for a different time.

The biggest problem was the lighting. It is broken. Bad. The dynamo is broken, the headlight is missing and the back lighting has been kicked to shreds.
In other words, it has to be replaced completely. But I’m without a job at the moment, so no money.

But then I am a bit of a flashlight geek, so why not mount a flashlight to the bike?
I did some DIYing and came up with this. Considering I had all the parts it costs me exactly € 0,00. Sweet.

2 Maglite Minis
1 Nite Ize Maglite Mini LED mod
1 Red Maglite cover glass
1 racebike inner tubing


- Cut of a length of inner tubing, twice as long as the a Maglite. 3cm from the end cut out a slit. Make sure the corners are round, so it does not tear under tenstion.
- Cut out 6 0,5cm wide rings off the tube.
- Interlace two of the rings to make an 8 shaped rubber band, make another.
Now you have a long piece of tubing, two 8’s and two single rubber bands.
If you want, wash the parts to get rid of the powder.

Putting it all together
- Put a Maglite Mini in the long end of the tubing, the lamp facing outward. Over the entire Maglite.
- Fold the end with the slit over to the light and pull the last 3cm over the head of the light.
- Put the two single bands over the head of the lamp, these are spare parts.
- Put one end of a 8 band on the front of the light, the other at the back.

Repeat for the other light.

Now you have a virtually waterproof Maglite Mini you can put on your bike.
Because of the two 8 bands you can mount them perpendicular or parallel to almost any tube on your bike.

I mount my front light perpendicular on the steering wheel(?) and the rear light parallel under my carrier.

As far as I can tell these light comply to Dutch law for bicycle lighting. And the Maglight Mini LED mod throws a nice wide and far beam to drive by.
Because of the rubber mount it’s also easy to adjust, even when driving.

What would this cost if you had to buy all the parts?
Maglite Mini €16,50
Maglite Accessory Kit (contains red filter) €6,95
Nite Ize Maglite Mini LED €18,95
Thin Inner Tube €5,95
Total: € 64,85

Woah, you can but a pretty neat lighting system for that much money. But since I had all the parts it didn’t cost me anything. ^_^

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