Paracord Goodness

My first Paracord project.
A walnut and midnight blue dogleash. It’s 2 meters long and ha three ring to adjust the length.

<b>Bamboo Stylus</b>
<i>The extendable</i>

According to Apple, the iPad doesn’t need a pen.
Well, pens rock. And Wacom has just the thing.

My latest addition is this extendable Wacom Bamboo stylus. I got it because it was cheap and I didn’t need it.

It’s definately the shortest of the full sized pens Wacom carries. However, it’s also the fattest.
The pen is very nice to handle when collapsed, so for short jots I don’t even bother extending it.
It is also the most robust. The cap is small but thick and probides protection for the tip. Stick it in a 3,5mm jack to prevent loosing it.
I just wouldn’t leave it there because if the weight.
A nice touch are the coloured rings you can put on. Red, blue and silver. Or any combination you like, go crazy!

All in all a nice pen that I will toss into my bag for on the go use



Egg Remote
Sony RM-S78T

Found this little remote in a dump store. Had no price on it so I decided not to buy. The packaging looked old so it probably would not work anyway. Couldn’t get it out of my head though. So I went back the following day. Turned out I could have it for € 1,- That’s a chance I take.

Back home I tried it, nothing. I looked up the remote on the internet and it turned out to be a 1994 remote! Might be a dead batter then! And it was.

So now I have the most ridiculous branded tv remote in the history of man!

The egg-like design has a weighted bottom so it will always stand up straight. It’s just too cute and everyone who sees it has to play with it!
A review can be found on my review blog

If you want to rid yourself of this I’m looking for one. please contact me!

Sorry, I can’t part with my eggremote. I love it too much ^_^

Picked up the Star Wars BluRay box today.
I don&#8217;t need plans for this weekend, it&#8217;s marathon saturday tomorrow!

Picked up the Star Wars BluRay box today.
I don’t need plans for this weekend, it’s marathon saturday tomorrow!

Pen Case

Going back to school is great. Part because it’s nice to study again, another part because I like my gear.
Things have changed over time. I traded in my books for an iPad with digital books while I leave my hardcopies back at home.
I don’t annotate digitally. I prefer paper. So along with my Moleskine notebooks I carry my writing gear. I just needed a good case to carry it all in.
When I went out to look for a small (zipper) case I came back empty handed. I had a bunch of leather lying around so I made my own.

Now I’ve never done any leatherworks. So what I know I’ve learned from various websites on my traintrip home.

This wrap case is made of three pieces of brown furniture leather. Sewn together with orange thread. It’s double stitched so it should be durable. I used a pick as an awl and clamped two planks together as a stitching horse.
The leather raffles (is that what they are called?) that stuck out when I was finished I burned down.

It was a very nice project which took me longer than I anticipated. But it’s definately something I could do again.

Oh, I almost forgot about the retainer! I did not make it especially for this case. I make these out of shock-cord with a wooden bead. I use them to keep my cords together. But it looks really nice on this case.

or please don’t…

As much as I like to write positive reviews I had to put this one out.
I’ve got several Maglites scattered throughout the house as emergency lights. A 6D in the living room, a 3D in my bedroom and MiniMags in the hallways.

I know there is a lot of hate towards Maglites, but they are reliable. You know they work. They always do.
So I have them sitting around the house with premium batteries in them. Energizers. Because when power is out, they have to work to get the emergengy (petrol) lighting to work.

Every one or two months I check upon the lights and the batteries. A few days ago I took out the 3D and to my surprise it wouldn’t turn on. I screwed the tailcap off and was greated by leaking batteries. They were dated to 2016 so they should have been fine. They were impossibe to remove so I had to put in some efford.

When I got them out I found that two batteries had leaked. My luck was that I store the Maglite butt-down. I suspect the middle one started to leak and then corroding the bottom one as well.
The top battery and the switch/light mount were allright.

I got the leaking residue out with a brush and was left with heavily corroded aluminium. There was no way I was able to put new batteries in because of this. In the end I had to scrape it all out with a ironsaw blade. It was a good hour work to get all the corrosion out and I was left with an heavily pitted aluminium inner tube.

I put in new batteries and it worked again.
However, I was heavily dissapointed with the Energizer batteries. I buy these things because of their reliability. The 6D and the 3D are equipped with a LED upgrade to get as much time out of the batteries in an emergency. So I can’t have the batteries fail on me.

While I have restocked my 3D with Energizers again, it might be time to look for an alternative.

Tetris Lamp

Because why the heck not.
This awesome lamp consists of seven terminos that can be arranged  as you please. As long as they make contact (or via another termino) blue termino they will glow!

The blocks are rather light and shift easely. Because the wire to the adapter is kind a stiff you have to be careful not to shift the blocks.

However, it&#8217;s cool enough for every Tetris fan to own one and show off their love for the brick!

Tetris Lamp

Because why the heck not.
This awesome lamp consists of seven terminos that can be arranged as you please. As long as they make contact (or via another termino) blue termino they will glow!

The blocks are rather light and shift easely. Because the wire to the adapter is kind a stiff you have to be careful not to shift the blocks.

However, it’s cool enough for every Tetris fan to own one and show off their love for the brick!

Camelbak Eddy

My previous water bottle, a Dopper, had a habit of leaking. And leakage is a thing you don’t want happening in a bag containing an iPad or eReader. Actually, I don’t want a leaking bottle at all.

Originally I wanted to get the Camelbak Chute, but 0,75l was just to big for a daily carry.

With 0,6l the Eddy is more portable.
In contrast to the Chute and the Dopper the Eddy has a strawlike mouthpiece to drink from.

It reminds me of those kid’s bottles in kindergarten. With the flip-up straw.

No matter how awkward the straw still feels. Not becasue of it’s functionality but because it’s like sucking on a tit all day long. And that’s awkward in the office.

The mouthpiece folds in the lid, keeping it secure. It does not keep it clean since it’s open.

Drinking from the straw is a bit odd at first, you have to bite and sip. It took me about three tries to get the hang off it.

The silicone bite valve has a great advantage, the bottle is always closed. No matter how hard you shake it (I’ve tried) it won’t leak.

I also like the ‘hook’ on the lid. It makes for easy carrying and with a carabines it keeps it in place in my bag.

Also, you can prank someone with this bottle. When it’s below half full bite on the valve and blow as hard as you can. This builds up pressure in the bottle. Now leave it on your desk and watch a curious person squeeze the mouthpiece. You won’t suspect the ammount of water that comes shooting out!

All in all it’s a very nice bottle. The larger capacity isn’t a problem. It’s easy to clean and watertight when you’re not using it.

I use the bottle to drink during the day. This may sound odd, but having a bottle of water around actually makes you drink more. Where I could do an entire morning without drinking without a bottle, I now down a full eddy a morning. A second during the day and another on my way back home.

And as we all now, drinking enough water is important!

Böker Plus Vox Access Tool

One day you have no prybars, the next you have two. Trust me I know. It happened to me.

The VAT was on my wishlist for a long time. And finally having it on my desk it is even better than imagined.

Just as the Leatherman Brewzer in my previous post the VAT is a prybar with added functionality.

Let’s start with the material. Unlike the Brewzer te VAT is made of titanium. While longer than the Brewzer it weighs next to nothing. With 19g it’s just slightly heavier than the 13,2g Brewzer.

The 9,1cm gives the VAT more leverage to pry with. But of, course, as a multytool the VAT has more features. It’s also a nailpuller, shackle opener, carabiner and bottle opener. I bet that the tip can be used as a flathead screwdriver as well though not specified by Böker.

There is one more feature which makes the VAT live up to it’s name as access tool, a carbide tip glass breaker. Although the VAT is small and nit suitable as a primary glassbreaker it is a nice backup or emergengy tool. I’ve read that if use properly it will break car windows. Just make sure to hit the window in the corners
The arbide tip is protected by two rubber O-rings, so it’s safe in your pocket. The rings will part when pressed to glass, there is no need to remove them.

All in all I’m very pleased with this small titanium bar. It’s not cheap that’s for sure. But for €30,- you do get a quality piece of equipment.

Leatherman Brewzer

This little piece of metal is a pocket tool.
With a mere length of 6,2cm os blends in with the keys on a keychain.

Because I always carry a Swiss Army Knife (Victorinox Handyman) I previously disdn’t see the point of buying such a pocket tool. 
But there is one feature that makes the pockettool worthwile: the prybar.
There are certain tasks I don’t do (or should not be doing) with my SAK, like prying.

According to Letherman this tool has two functions: a mini pry and a bottle opener.
Because of the rathet specific shape of the ‘key ring hole’ I did a round of Google.

This tool was sold under the name Pocket Tool X Brewzer in the past. I suspect Leatherman bought the company, the now sell the whole range of their pocket tools.

The Pocket Tool X, while being the same, had a different function list:
Flathead screwdriver, package ripper, prybar, 1\4” hex opening, bottle opener and an oxygen wrench which doubles as a keyring hole.

That’s a lot more than the 2 functions Leatherman states!

Eighter way the 13,5g Brewzer is a nice tool that will sit unnoticed on your keychain untill you have to open a box or a beer. Or oxygen bottle ^_^